hands hanging out of prison cell bars

Overcrowded and Underfunded State Prisons Struggle with Reform

Unfortunately, over-crowded prisons are an increasing problem across the country, especially in Delaware and beyond. In fact, since inmates killed a correctional officer during a large prison riot in 2017, safety has been a top priority for these over-crowded and underfunded prisons. The prison population has dramatically increased in the United States between the 1970s and 1990s. The last major hostage situation in the state of Delaware was in 2004 at Vaughn, when a female counselor was taken a hostage, raped and shot dead after seven hours of a stand-off. Delaware’s leadership was then called upon to enhance the problems in the state’s corrections department.

Prisons in more than a dozen states around the country, much like Vaughn, are understaffed and over-crowded and many of the prison officers who do come on to work there quit before burning out and are forced into poor wages and overtime situations, according to an independent report that was released shortly after the 2017 riot. High turnover rates lead to disarray, fatigue, and stress and also prompts many people who have been recently accused of a crime to think carefully about the selection of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

The selection of the right criminal defense attorney in Delaware is vital for outlining a long-term plan to avoid prison in the first place. Only the support of a dedicated attorney can help you avoid these consequences and far too many mistakes are made early on in your case that could compromise your future.

Have you already been accused of a crime with some prison time? It’s in your best interests to hire a lawyer immediately.