Traffic sign reading "DUI Checkpoint Ahead"

Summer Season And DUI Arrests

DUI’S In The Summer Season

The summer season is in full swing and that means attending events and going out on outings.  It’s important to be aware of the fact that these many celebrations come with the risk of “one-drink-too-many”. The Delaware Office Of Highway and Safety, as well as local municipal law enforcement, will be on full alert, that includes unexpected checkpoints from time to time. Considering the almost 4,000 DUI arrests last year, the risk of getting a Delaware DUI is high, to say the least.

Planning Ahead

Whether your invitation is last minute or planned in advance, you can pretty much gauge whether or not you will be having a few drinks or cocktails right? It may depend on where you’re going and with whom but chances are that you can estimate when you’ll arrive, how long you’ll stay, and whether you may choose to have a drink or not.

One Drink Is Too Many

We are creatures of habit and thus, if you do decide to partake in pregaming or there is good food, conversation, and drinks is to be had, do not get behind the wheel.  Plan ahead, make sure that you have a designated driver, one who is not drinking, or simply find another means of transportation. Whether it be public transportation or an easily accessible Uber ride that you can order right up on your cell phone. Be prepared.

As the old adage goes, it is better to be safe, than to be sorry later on.

Mistakes Happen

With all of the preventative measures that you can take, mistakes do happen. It’s easy to have a cold beer on a hot day and not realize that it may have impaired you in some way.  But even that one drink on your breath, if you miss a stop sign or even get hit by another vehicle, it is possible to end up charged with a DUI.

Parked Car And DUI

The other important element to consider; even if you have had a few beers and decide not to drive but instead take a rest in your car. You may still end up in the crosshairs of a DUI.  Regardless of whether you turn the car on to cool down with the air conditioning, or to listen to a few tunes, you simply do not want to be sitting behind the wheel in the vehicle after imbibing.

If You Find Yourself Charged With A DUI

No matter what the stakes are, it turns out there are plenty of factors that could influence the outcome of your DUI case if you’re not careful to hire the right Delaware DUI Lawyer to represent you. Don’t find yourself facing the challenges and problems of going into court without the right support system to argue for your freedom.