scientists in a lab looking into a microscope

What to Do If You Suspect that Forensic Lab Results are Not Error Free

Forensics has become increasingly important in criminal cases in recent years but this does not mean that the results from a lab analysis are completely error free. Mistakes can and do happen and this can impact the outcome of your criminal defense case. You should never move forward with a criminal case in which you believe this to be an issue unless you have talked with your criminal defense attorney about his or her experience in the field as well as dealing directly with problems associated with the lab. This can be a challenging defense to pursue and it should only be handled by an experienced criminal defender. Although the results from forensic lab can sometimes be remarkable, there are examples of gross inaccuracy frequently driven by human error. When this occurs, all that stands between a long time in prison and an innocent criminal suspect is a knowledgeable defense attorney who can be appropriately suspicious of all stake evidence and who can demand that every alleged situation be proven beyond all reasonable doubt.

A lab-based error could lead to severe consequences for a person who has been accused so you need a criminal defense attorney who is thoroughly experienced in challenging these results and retaining individual scientific experts to identify what might have gone wrong in the lab’s analysis and to cast doubt about your guilt. The decision to hire the right criminal defense attorney can significantly protect you from errors associated with lab results.

Any errors should be taken seriously by you as well as your lawyer so that you can mount a proper defense. If you can show that mistakes were made in the lab, it calls into question the integrity of many criminal cases. It raises doubt in the jury and the judge about whether or not the state has handled your case appropriately. When your criminal defense lawyer finds out that a mistake could have been made, he or she must be prepared for how to raise this in court the right way.