Is Delaware Possession of Marijuana A Serious Crime?

Have you been accused of possessing marijuana or even a more severe drug crime in Delaware? Don’t let your future be destroyed by these allegations. Trust in the help of a committed lawyer.

You might be under the impression that certain misdemeanors or types of crimes are not treated as seriously as others. While it is certainly true that a drug possession charge is unlikely to be taken as seriously as an allegation of murder or physical assault, it is still important to retain a Delaware marijuana possession attorney immediately.

Your rights can be compromised if you fail to retain an experienced attorney who will help fight for your rights and to protect your freedom and your record. Currently, possession of a minimal amount of marijuana is prosecuted as an unclassified misdemeanor under Delaware laws. This means that it can be punished by some fines and up to three months in prison.

When any aggravating factors are involved, a person who is facing charges of possession of marijuana could be looking at more significant fines and longer time in jail, although there have been recent pushes to change the treatment of marijuana in the state of Delaware with regard to decriminalization.

Furthermore, there have been updates in marijuana law in Delaware as it relates to expungement of previous charges. For many people, this means that they do not need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney, but that can be a significant mistake.

A bill that aims to give people who were charged with marijuana possession before it became decriminalized a second chance, officially became law last fall in the state of Delaware.

Anyone who is charged with marijuana possession as a criminal offense before 2015 can have their record cleared or expunged. Expungement might help you to move on with your life and it can be a good idea to schedule a consultation with a Delaware marijuana lawyer today.