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Do I Really Need an Attorney for Traffic Violations in Delaware Following a DUI Charge?

Driving along and then being stopped by a police officer is unwelcome at best and a real problem if you’ve had previous violations on your record at worst. Knowing that both situations require legal counsel makes a world of difference in how you respond. If you’ve got a prior record, take any traffic allegation seriously. It’s even more of a problem if you’ve been accused of DUI and traffic violations linked to that DUI.

Have you recently received a ticket or notification of a traffic violation in the state of Delaware? It can be tempting to ignore this situation and assume that you are fine without proceeding but this could be a catastrophic mistake for your future if you don’t consider all the possible consequences of pleading guilty to a ticket simply by paying the relevant fines. A traffic offense in Delaware can add points onto your record and can lead to higher insurance premiums. You could be eligible for options outside of getting points on your record such as a probation before judgment. If you are not eligible for probation before judgment, you definitely need an experienced Delaware criminal defense attorney.

You may also wish to consult with a lawyer if you have been charged with any of the more serious traffic infractions including speeding, insurance requirements, aggressive driving, reckless driving and driving during revocation or suspension of your license. These are all serious matters that are often overlooked by people who have been accused of traffic violations. You could face significant fines and have points assessed onto your record.

The Court of Common Pleas and the Justice of the Peace Court each maintain jurisdiction over your traffic court case. You can have your case transferred to the Court of Common Pleas’ traffic courts or heard in the Local Justice of the Peace in Delaware. Your lawyer will help you to figure out what is most appropriate for you and the rights you need to protect immediately after going through this situation. Schedule a consultation with an experienced Delaware criminal defense attorney today.